Monday, 2 April 2012

Hot Blob Buns

A bit of a disaster this morning. My cross mix was too runny. And I must have thrown out my pastry brush when we moved. So I had to try and spoon on the glaze that I had discovered had turned to toffee. Total disaster!
But luckily it's my first batch, so it looks like I'll be up early again tomorrow - and we'll be having them for breakfast again.
I may be sick of them before Easter ;o)


  1. Good on you for trying. They are such fickle things to bake. I have given up and buy mine from Marks and Spencer!

  2. they look fine to me!! i'll come for breakfast!! heeeheee.. blobby goodness!

  3. If you hadn't said what you didn't like about these, I would have assumed that's how they were supposed to be. lol. I don't even own a pastry brush, so mine would have looked like anyway.

  4. Oh man! I hate it when food doesn't come together the way you planned. They still look good though! :-)


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