Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Cut off!!

In a BIG way!!

We just got hit with some hefty bills- so today my credit cards got cut up (this is my scrappy lifeline) , tomorrow I have to quit smoking ( a saving of $900 a month) and we are getting our Austar disconnected.
And this is week one of the school holidays!
Oh yeah ....I am going to be a happy bunny tomorrow!!
I think the only thing that really hurts is the whole being cut off from spending money on scrappy stuff. What am I gonna do??

I shouldn't complain because I have enough stuff to tide me over for quite a while. And I would much rather pay debts than create them. But seriously....no scrappy stuff?? None. Ever. Well maybe not ever. Just have to see how it goes I guess.

It feels sucky already. Tried to con darling hubby into just one more kit and I will forfeit christmas and birthday presents. He's not buying it.


Ok I probably really have my priorites all wrong at this very moment. But I am still digesting the game plan.
I give myself a week to have a better and more focused outlook. (coz this week I will probably be a total and complete nut job) The quitting smoking is a really good thing. It just doesn't feel like it yet.

I am so freaking out!!
No I'm not.
Yes I am.
It's happening already!

Going now. I shall be back with some pics. And hopefully in more control of how I am feeling.

Good night!

From the crazy lady formerly know as Kelly!



  1. oh dear kel....well i guess giving up smoking is a good thing - imagine how fit and well you will feel.
    we had to make some drastic changes to our spending a few months ago and we are still struggling to live on smaller budgets but it can be done.
    hoping you are feeling a little happier today my friend.
    take care xxoo

  2. You can do it! Set yourself some challenges to use up your scrap stash..I'm trying to do this with fabric at the moment - no more fabric mel, no more, no more - use what you have mel and then you can buy more - lol
    Good for you giving up smoking, apart from the money side of things for this, your health is going to benefit big time!
    Do I sound like an ad?? LOL I didn't mean too.
    I'll check back in later and see how your new game plan is going.
    good luck!


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