Thursday, 27 September 2007

Day one

So today is officially day one of no smoking.
I did start yesterday but when hubby woke up just after lunch he decided that he wasn't ready and bought a packet. So I had a few last night. And started again this morning. I have not had one cigarette today. I feel good about it. But my body feels physically ill. My skin is crawling and I have a cough and it's a bit hard to breathe. My nose has been running all day. Not sure if I am coming down with a cold or it's the toxins leaving my system. Either way - I don't feel very well at all. Cravings have been really bad and I need to figure out a plan for when they happen.
Any tips out there????

I have scrapped a little bit. Trying to use up things that I have been saving. Nothing particularly fabulous. I will post pics - just have to wait for the batteries to charge!

Might try and get an early night. The only time I don't want to smoke is when I am sleeping!!

Hope it gets easier quickly!! I wish I had never started smoking at all!

K xxx

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