Monday, 10 September 2007


So what have I done all weekend? On Saturday I can't even remember. But I did pick up Cakey from a birthday party. And on Sunday I dropped her off at another birthday party. And then we went to the shops just for a bit of a look. And hubby bought me some ink for my printer (hooray!!) and a memory stick for my phone (hooray!!). I wonder why I was so lucky?? It's usually the kids getting stuff. We did almost come home with a PS3 but it would have seriously blown the budget - and we don't need one- so we didn't get it!! (Well done - *pat myself on back*) Then we borrowed out 2 movies - 23 and Disturbia.
Disturbia was really good. 23 not so much. But it was good to see Jim Carrey as somebody other than the funny guy!
Then we picked up little Missy at 5pm and had a fairly early night. Tried to anyway.
So I might fall asleep quick tonight. I am so tired.
Got to go back to Holden tomorrow. After servicing my car last Thursday I have discovered that all my automatic stuff is not working since they gave me back the car. (this is the first service they have done for us after trying to diddle us out of a warranty on our other car, and then trying to deceive us in regards to getting services there) so I am really unhappy about it. Unhappy that I spent $400 to get them to wreck my car. And unhappy that I have to waste another day taking it back there. Unhappy I even have to deal with them at all.
I had a bad feeling when I dropped the car in. And I've got a bad feeling about tomorrow.
I'll let you know how I go. I am hoping for proper service and a great attitude. But I sincerely doubt I'll get it.
Wish me luck.
Also I quickly did this layout tonight. I haven't scrapped all weekend and I just had the urge to touch paper tonight - since I can now print photos.
Goodnight -
K xxx


  1. Good luck with your car Kelly, that sucks.
    Love the layout too, you're really photogenic.

  2. i hope you have some luck with the dealership kel. nothing worse than bad service, especially on your car and i speak from both sides of the coin - as the previous owner of dealerships and as a car owner.
    glad to see you back scrapping - can you look around on your desk for my mojo :(
    have a great wednesday xxoo


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