Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What a day

I was up early this morning as Michael had to be at school by 8am. So I ended

up taking Cakey with me and we stopped off and bought a coffee at Gloria Jean. Went to get a cd at Big W - but they don't open until 8:30. So we went and got some petrol. I dropped her off at school - coming from the other direction was weird.

Then I came home and did 3 loads of washing and swept my floor. Then I thought I'd reward myself by doing a bit of scrapping. 3 pages. Yay!! So different too. I am usually a one photo scrapper. But not today!! I think it's the first time that I have 15 photos on a page. Go me!!

I think I'll stop now and go and check my mail box and peel veges for dinner. God I love being this organised!!

Oh, nearly forgot. I pre-rewarded myself last night for my effort today with this. Yum!!

K xxx

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