Sunday, 9 December 2012

Giveaway - camera strap with lens cap pouch

 This week I had a little time to sew so I made a couple more camera straps. I can't wait to get a sewing desk as whenever I go to make something, I take over our dining table as well as my sewing table, the ironing board and parts of the floor.
 I ended up making another 4 strap covers.
 Today I have started working on a body pillow case. I still haven't finished cutting. I better get my bum into gear - especially since I worked out what I still need to make over the next 2 weeks. It ain't pretty!
I'm not buying anything new for anything that I am making - so for this cover I am using leftover pieces from my sons quilt, plus some leftover denim from my dress (that I have yet to finish)
I hope it turns out ok.

So onto the giveaway.
There's a bit of an issue with 2 of the camera strap covers. The fusible fleece was a bit too thin than I'd like - therefore I'm not happy with selling them. But I am willing to give them away. Both of them are made from the same fabric and both backed with pink dots - the only difference is one has a dot lens cap pouch and the other has a flower one.
So if you would like one of these. Just leave a comment with DOTS or FLOWERS. I'll draw a winner for each on Thursday the 13th December.

Good Luck

K xxx



  1. I just posted this on FB. Hope heaps of people show an interest and come visit you :-)

    I got my order on Friday. Couldn't believe that it took only a week to get it!!!! Think I may need to do another soon. Let me know if you want to anything and I will see if I can get it for you xxx
    Leanne :-)

    1. Thanks Leanne xx

      Woah that was quick!!

    2. going to do another order within the next week so let me know if there is anything you are interested in. We need to catch up for a cuppa again soon


    3. For sure - just let me know when is best for you xxx

    4. I am free pretty much all of next week. We could catch up then if you like :-)

  2. Those camera straps are super cute! Thanks for your kinds words on my LBD DT gallery! Forever young and crafty (online site) may still have the polka dot vellum in stock! Tell Shay Suz sent ya!:)

  3. Love the Dots! :)
    fingers crossed

  4. These are so pretty! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, love the flowers.

  5. I have lost 2 lens caps so I know my husband would love this strap, and every time he uses the camera I wouldn't have to here him complain so I really love to win the Dots strap, perfect for our new camera! Thanks for the chance to win! Rhonda N.

  6. I'd love love this! Love both, but I love the dots!

  7. they are super cute!! would love either :) i'm not fussy! lol

  8. These are adorable! Both supercute, but I think the dots is my favorite!

  9. OMGoodness... these are just SO cute! I LOVE them!! Thanks so much for the chance to win one. I just recently followed my dreams & am starting my photography biz, which leaves no wiggle room for buying cute stuff! Here's to women in business! xx

    P/S I REALLY do love both... I can't pick... I would totally pick these designs though if I could buy one! I'll take em both? Lol)


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