Tuesday 24 July 2007

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This one was after the back to school one. I didn't even see it.
The top pic is the card I made Bellas B'day. The colours are completely off. Bad light. Or too much. Don't know.
Yesterday I went to have my eyebrows waxed. (they looked like caterpillars) Then I came home and walked in. Hubby burst out laughing. I said "what?". He said "look in the mirror". So I did. Oh My God
One was overly thin. The other was very thick. How could somebody let me pay for that and then walk out in public. I had no idea it looked like that. How embaressing.
So I called them back to tell them and ask if they could fix it.
Now I have 2 overly thin misshapen eyebrows.
What I have learnt: If the person waxing you does not show you a mirror with the light on - it's probably bad news!!
K xxx

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  1. youre getting tons of pages done in your book!! rock on!!


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