Friday 17 August 2012


Got a couple of parcels this week. All of the booky kind. Waiting for 2 boxes of fabric to arrive - but they are nowhere to be found. Not good!!
Ok. So I bought:
Very good book. Very very good! Will be much used.
Lots of basic cakes.
A quilty book. Woohoo!! Another baking book. Coz I love to bake. And Hugh's Veg book. There shall be some happy times in my kitchen.
And in other news we are looking to adopt an English Bulldog. I wonder how these two are going to cope?
It was the worst time for me when we brought Violet (my tabby cat) home. Dash absolutely hated her. For the most part they tolerate each other but do still have their spats now and again. I'm kinda scared to do it again. It was so stressful. We may delay it until we move into our own house. Not 100% decided yet.

I have completely neglected class this week. And I feel so behind. So my plan this weekend is to play catch up. I'll have to start and finish the top tomorrow.  Wish me luck. I'll need it!!

Have a fabulous weekend -

K xxx


  1. Fun fun books! Love the quilt on front of the quilt book! And your kitties are precious!

  2. Ooh I have been eying up Hugh's vege book too. Let me know how you find it. The quilt book looks lovely too.
    Good luck with your top. I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    1. I love it Claire. As I was browsing through it this morning - I was nodding all the way through. I want to make a ton of things out of it! It is beautiful.


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