Wednesday 17 October 2012


Monday & Tuesday were set aside to complete a bag. (I decided on the multi-tasker tote - as the other one needed my overlocker to be working and I cannot for the life of me, figure it out)
So Monday I cut it out - nice and cruisy.
Yesterday I started sewing. Then my time got interrupted with having to drop a car somewhere, and picking up the kids and somehow we ended up shopping. I did get some perfume ;o)
I got a package and I haven't even had time to open it yet. And my bag is just metres away, almost done.
SO today the plan is to finish the bag and cut the pieces for my skirt. There is alot so I may not get done but I will give it my best.
All in all - I'm just a little off track with my sewing plans this week.
So it's still looking alright.
Hope you have a happy day

K xxx


  1. I would be so distracted by all the pretty fabric let alone all the joy that everyday life throws at us. Looking forward to seeing the skirt pieces and the completed bag!

  2. That fabric is gorgeous. I am not a seamstress, but regardless, I am getting ready to make my first quilt. What in the life is an overlocker? All I could think of was something that locks up, but why would you want something to lock while you are sewing?...again...I am not a sewer, but I know the basics (sort of) of my sewing machine. Also, where did you get that fabric?

    1. Hi Toni. I believe the rest of the world calls them sergers.
      Good luck on the quilt - you can do it!!
      And this fabric I purchased at

  3. Oh my gosh Kelly! Where have I been??? I have missed so many great finishes lately. You are just sewing up a storm aren't you. You always choose the best fabrics!

    1. Thanks Lu. But it's you who chooses the best fabrics!!


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