Friday 5 October 2012

Job 1 done - 1 to go

Today I finished off a job for a friend. She wanted 4 crayon cases.

They were not without problems - which were totally due to the fact that I had 9 hours sleep over 3 days and was exhausted. Note to self - DO NOT SEW WHEN TIRED!!
So glad they are all done and ready to be sent off to their new home.
Also on the sewing front - I replaced my elephant pin cushion today. I used Heather Bailey's Square Deal pincushion pattern
It turned out a bit funky but it'll do. It was so hot today - I don't think I could concentrate properly.
If it cools down over the weekend I might make a start on my Multi tasker tote. I'm pretty excited to make this one. It looks fabulous!

Better go and start cooking. Got much to do tonight.
Have a fabulous Friday!

K xxx


  1. First I thought those were laptop cases :-) But they look fabulous, you're a genius with the sewing machine!!

  2. I love that pin cushion. The colours are beautiful! I hope you snatch a bit more sleep tonight!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Kelly, I can't believe you sewed with sew little sleep. I never get the sewing done as I end up with too much unpicking or cutting things wrong.

  4. I love the mix of fabrics you chose on your projects! They look fabulous!


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