Saturday 27 October 2012


This week has been a no sew week. I haven't been near my machine at all :o(
Sitting in my unfinished pile is the placemat tops. Need to get more fabric for the back of them.
 They are very simple - and possibly a little on the large side. I am planning to quilt them in the silver metallic thread I bought. I just wanted them to complement my table runner and not compete with it.
 And these notebook covers are done - except for the buttons on the front. Aarrggh! I hate hand sewing. I guess that explains why they are not finished yet!
I got this book in the mail this week. I am definitely going to make some things from it. So so cute!
Hopefully I can get back on track with my sewing this week. As it is getting hotter it's making it harder for me to be in my sewing room. Feeling glad I started my Christmas sewing as early as I have!

Have a great weekend!

K xxx


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  1. That's okay Kelly, you have to give the rest of us a chance to catch up with you ;-) Don't you think it's occasionally helpful to take a little break? I seem to be taking them way too much lately!


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