Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hooray a finish

So the torture continued.
I managed to finish the pouch. Hooray you might think. Oh yes, so did I.
 Then I went to take a pic inside - and the zip crumbled in my hands. Destroyed.
I gave up there and then. I couldn't take any more failure.
Yesterday I went to sew with my friend and nervously finished another pouch. No breakages. Finally.

So today I braved making another Spice Market tote. Surprise. A finish. Starting to feel the mojo coming back.
 I used some heavy interfacing on this one. I wanted it thick and sturdy.
 About time, I say. Now I can get back to sewing and knocking some things off my to do list.
Since this week I only managed one.
I think I need to re write that list.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend

K xxx

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