Monday, 19 November 2007


I did this one last night but my batteries were dead so I had to wait until today to post it.

I've just finished off my chrissy cards. So now I just have to print out photos and write them. I'll save that job til tomorrow.

I got a mm album a little while ago. It's 6 X 9. And it's been sitting in my cupboard ever since. See, I'm a 12 X 12 scrapper. I just can't do other sizes.

But I've got this thing going where I am trying to use up old stuff. Not that this album is old - but I feel if I don't do something with it soon - it's just going to stay there forever.
So tomorrow after i get everything done, I am going to have a crack at it.
I think I'm going to use some pre - digi pics - try and get that pile down too!!
Need to use my stuff. It's all piling up at the moment.

Also, I went to Officeworks today and bought a folder and some transparencies. Then I dragged all my acrylic stamps into the garden and proceeded to transfer them all to this folder.
There was a small disaster when I tore 3 stamps (i was not happy) but I managed to get the rest safely tucked in.
Now I have so much more room where my stamps used to be. It's great.
And it doesn't hurt that I am totally in love with the folder. So yummy!!
K xxx

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