Thursday, 29 November 2007

Super Happy Mail

Here's another pic from my xmas layout.

Today I received these yummy yummy ribbons and some ribbon stiff that I won last week on the Aussie Scrap Source Blog!!

It definately pays to leave a comment!!
Still no ink - so I have no scrapping stuff to share :o(
But how's this for lucky...I went with hubby dearest to get some work pants the other day. And after looking in about 5 shops, we went to Kmart. So while he's looking at the pants. I went and had a look in the toy section. First lane that I walked into...and what did I see?
The Bumblebee Transformer. Could not believe it. I grabbed it and practically ran to the checkouts. Now my christmas shopping is done.
Still haven't written my cards yet. Bad girl!!
Happy Heroes Thursday ;o)
K xxx

1 comment:

  1. hi darls....hope things are a little brighter for you today.
    you are gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE that ribbon stiff....i LOVE using mine....the stuff is amazing.

    have a great day xxoo


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