Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Bad Habits

Howdy folks!

I am in a better mood tonight.
I placed an order from Crafts etc. Have been ummming and ahhing for a week or two.
But after NOT getting the bag that-shall-not-be-named I thought I needed a little pick me up.
So I got a little bit of Lola & Riley. Yum!! I think it's even more attractive for the fact that you just can't get it anywhere. And it appears to me that no retailers in Australia will be stocking it either.
That's a bad habit of mine - the minute something is hard to get or limited edition - it just HAS to be mine.
I can't tell you the amount of times that I have bought an expensive kit or paid stacks in shipping just so I could get the one little thing that was limited.

My little man had the day off today due to the Ekka holiday. Little Missy didn't get one though. Yeah - imagine how fun that was this morning sending her to school while her brother stayed home.
Bucket loads of fun!

I'm still hanging out for the Scrapyard class. Only have to wait until next Thursday. Yay.

Catch you later

K xxx

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