Sunday, 19 August 2007

Freezing and raining

It has been so cold today. And the rain!! Not actually hard enough to get a decent amount to fill the dams and stuff. But hard enough to keep my washing wet and be annoying!
Last of the pages that I've done. I am itching to get more ink. I hate actually wanting to scrap but not being able to. It's driving me crazy!!
My little nephew came to visit again today - and he fell asleep in my arms. He is the cutest!! I'm in love!
Too cold to be in here. So I'm off to get into some warm pyjamas!!
I hope the sun is shining tomorrow!!
K xxx


  1. Beginning, when it clicks “following [burogu]”, with the mouse, your [burogu] opened.
    The smiling face of the girl, you think lovely delightfully. I am the Japanese. You have lived in Japan

  2. great pages for your journal kell. we have had this glorious torrential soaking rain almost all weekend - BEWDIFUL...!!!!
    have a great monday xxoo

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