Tuesday, 7 August 2007

More journal pages

I did some pages tonight. There was nothing on the box so I thought I'd get stuck into it.

Going to takes ages to load now! Actually that was quite quick!!

Sorry they are a bit washed out. I'm in the garage and it's 10pm.
Feeling a little bit fluey tonight. I hope I am not coming down with something. I think I'm just a bit run down. Haven't had very much sleep lately. Hopefully I'll get a better one tonight.
Ok. Off to pack up my stuff and have a shower. And then I'll make a hot milo - and then hopefully be ready for bed. I never get to bed before midnight! It's a really bad habit!
Kel xxx


  1. Just passing through some blogs today and saw your journal pages and thought they were fun and clever. Really enjoyed your cute family, especially the story about the kids making cake w/o permission.

  2. am sitting up with a sick kid kell so thought i would drop by some blogs.
    thanks for sharing your pages with us - i am still waiting to find time to start my journals but you have given me plenty of inspiration.
    have a great wednesday xxoo

  3. Love your journal pages! So simple and beautiful! Memory keeping at its best!

  4. Girl your journal pages are looking fab!


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