Friday, 31 August 2007

Not Saturday

Today felt so much like a Saturday.
Ended up taking the kids to the beach for a walk. While I was gone a Fed Ex man came to drop off a parcel. I was annoyed that I missed it - so I called them and they said to come to their office at 5:30pm and I could pick it up. So I bundled up the kids and headed over there. Do you think they were there. Um, no. I waited. Nothing.
So now I have to wait for them to deliver on Monday.
I think it might be the "something" that I won from Making Memories. Hmmmm.
I wonder what it is. I am going to be wondering all weekend.
I did the top page last night. I had a plan but it went out the window. So I don't really like it. But it's a page done and it's another to go in the album. (well it would if I had an empty album)
Bottom one I did tonight. I think it's ok.
No huge plans for the weekend. Cleaning is definately on the agenda!!
Good-O!! Can hardly wait!
Don't forget to check out Septembers Tarisota Kit......One word.....YUM!!! It's up now.
K xxx


  1. oh kel....a mystery excitement !!!
    make sure you let us know what goodies you received ~xo~

  2. Oooh I love mystery parcels!

    I hope your hand is feeling better now too and these layouts are scrummy!

  3. Love those two latest layouts, they are very cool. Know how you feel about missing that courier van, it just drives you crazy eh!


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