Monday, 13 August 2007


Yesterday we had a great afternoon.

Shane bought a plane - that crash landed down the street and tore the wing off. It was taped together so many times - until it couldn't fly no more. So he bought some replacement parts and another one today. Spent ages repairing it. Then we took them down the park to play. First run - it takes off, looking good, then dive bombs the ground and splits in half.
I think this could be a very expensive hobby!!
(I will not comment though because I scrapbook - enough said!!)
Last night my neighbour Lee-Ann and I had some drinks. I got a little tipsy. Ok alot tipsy. Pic is of the last drink I had. A big shot of Kahlua. I was feeling a little worse for wear this morning!!
So no scrappy stuff. Actually I did a couple more pages in my diary but the batteries have run out in the camera.
So I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow ;o)
Didn't get much sleep last night so I am trying to go to bed early tonight. Just having a cup of tea now and then I'll hit the shower.
See you later
K xxx


  1. yup kel....DEFINITELY looking a little worse for wear there my girl. looks like a great night though.
    hope you got a good night's sleep tonight xxoo

  2. lol, you look like you were having lots of fun in the pic of you!

    Oh well I know all about expensive hobbies - my husband has a really expensive petrol powered car thing - we take it down to the oval, he drives it madly for 20 seconds until it somehow rolls over or dive bombs off the edge of the oval and then it's all broken again - he buys more parts, we go back to the oval and 20 seconds later the same thing happens, LOL.
    Have a great week !
    (mel goodsell)


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