Thursday, 2 August 2007

Now we're cooking!

Finally. After what - 2 or 3 days -

I can post pics. Yay!!

Makes me happy!!

Have you seen the new Jenni Bowlin Kits. Not liking the green and blue. But had to get the kits for the killer stamp and the Daisy D's rub on tape. OH MY!!

I'm so excited to post I don't have anything to say.

But I shall return. Must leave to get the kiddles from school!

Happy me!

K xxx


  1. love your LOs kell. it's great to see you sahring your lovely work with us again.
    i will wave as kait and i zoom past today on our way to a physie comp on the gold coast. wish i had time to call in but time will be short.
    have a great weekend xxoo

  2. More beautiful layouts from you Kelly.
    Hey I ended up not having to order the DVD from Amazon because a friend of mine already had it and let us all borrow it. Ooooh it was such a sad sad movie. I just loved it though :O)


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