Saturday, 25 August 2007


Yesterday we sort of had a bit of a day off so we watched - Wild Hogs, Life & death of Bobby Z, A good man?(the one with Robin Williams), Perfect stranger and Reign over me. They were all really good.
Had a bit of an accident in the morning - knocked my clock into my cup of coffee and it spilt all over it and mangled the hands. Can you believe it!!
So I mopped it up. But everything started falling off. So I stuck it back on but the clock circle is all warped. So stupid.
I still love it though.
I made the 5 years layout today. Made a big boo boo. We were married in 2000 but our 5th anniversay was 2005. I have corrected it but I didn't take a new pic though.
I used the last of my Shabby Rockstar Collection. Man - that kit went far. I still have alot left left of Candy Town too.
Better get cracking before the new one arrives!!!
I am still waiting to get some ink. Not that I have any new pics to print. Oh well.
Still wet here.
My little Miss is at a sleepover tonight. So me and Michael are having a quiet night together.
I may sort out my scrap room. Have a bit of a throw out.
That could take a while!!
K xxx

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  1. Such a sweet layout, even if you did make a boo boo with the years (oops! LOL)


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