Monday, 6 August 2007


Today I got my "I heart Candy Town" collection from ScrapInStyle. So bright and colourful.
Went with Shane to Mullimbimby for a job. What a long drive. The road was a bit scary - barely big enough to fit 2 cars. That took up most of the day. Then picked up the kidlets from school. Miss Cakey is being considered for the lead role in the concert they will be putting on for Callisthenics. I hope she gets it. I think it will be a nice confidence boost for her.
Just thought I'd quickly scrap a page and post it while the ads are on. Watching Idol. Gosh some people are soooooo bad - and they don't even know it. Crazy!!
Miss Steph had her bubba on the weekend. Wonder if it's blue or pink?
Can't wait to find out!!
Ok - back to idol!!
Kelly xxx


  1. LOL that's such a fabulous photo and scrapped beautiful to boot.

  2. What a fun page!! That kit looks so grat over at SIS. Must check it out further. :-)


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