Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The 13th day

Here's a layout from a while ago.
Haven't scrapped anything today - although that's not to say I won't later.
I just don't think I've posted it here before.

Today Cakey went back to school. And I tell you what - she looks so cute with a haircut. Hubs and I went to check the mail and borrowed some movies. Having a bit of a blah day. I watched "because i said so" downstairs and he watched "28 days later" upstairs and then we are going to watch "oceans thirteen" tonight.

And that's all today.
Got to hang washing out and go and get the kiddles from school soon. Boring day. Have no energy today. Need more sleep. It took me hours last night to fall asleep. Not happy! I love sleep!!

Catch you tomorrow -

K xxx

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