Sunday, 7 October 2007

Should have stayed at home

Here's the other card that I made last night. I don't think it's spectacular but at least I used those Heidi Grace glass effects holly & ivy things that I've had sitting here for the past 2 christmasses.
I went shopping today and blew my other $50 on this stuff. I don't think I spent it well. Considering I really wanted to save it to get myself a scrapworks album. Ooops. I still have to get used to this budget thing.
By the time I have money again I bet a whole heap of new stuff will be coming out! Bugger.
Got a bit of a storm here tonight. There is hail about. Hope it doesn't hit here coz my car is outside.
Gotta get to bed early tonight. Michael is back at school tomorrow. I just love school traffic.
Happy Sunday to you -
Kelly xxx
P.S Today is Day 11 of no smoking. I am feeling a bit better too. Go me!!

1 comment:

  1. DAY 11 - YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!
    i love the cards you made kel although i really can't grasp what they look like IYKWIM....are they clear....????
    i love tose HG glass pieces...just beautiful.
    hope getting back into the swing of school isn't too stressful. i will think of you as i get to sleep in ROTFL...we have another week xxoo


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