Monday, 8 October 2007


Today, Cakey and I dropped Michael off at school, went to visit Mum, got her haircut and came home and I scrapped. And bid a little more on ebay.
Not very eventful at all!!
K xxx


  1. OUCH is right! Gorgeous layout :O) Congrats on the smoking too - it's going so well.

  2. Great page!
    Good for you that you're not a smoker anymore. After 11 years of hardcore smoking; I've quit 5 years ago. I don't miss it at all, and I feel free! So, hang on!!

  3. WOWZA! hope he feels better! lol
    and let me just say how proud I am that you have continued to not smoke! that is just awesome. and I think that every day will get a little easier and a little easier!!

    keep it up!

  4. oohhh that had to hurt. Great layout. Have a great week.


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