Wednesday, 10 October 2007

A bit of linkage....

I really like to make my own cards. It's not often that I will buy a pre made card. But since one of my local scrap shops closed down - I haven't been able to find square white cards with envelopes. That is, until, I was searching last night and I stumbled across here - Blue Edge Crafts. After shipping I paid $53.00. Which equals 53 cents for a card and envelope. Square ones!! I dare you to find a better deal. Even on ebay I was looking at 68 cents.
I am hoping they are matte and not glossy. I hate the glossy cards. Anyway I should get them next week - so I'll let you know what the quality is like. Hopefully they are exactly what I think they are. So happy. I have been searching for months!! I think Blue Edge Crafts is going to be my new best friend!!

Off to do my happy dance now ;o)

K xxx

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  1. what a great site that is kell...i spent a little while browsing around it last night.
    how is the non-smoking journey going...???

    have a great thursday xxoo


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