Thursday, 4 October 2007

Day 8

Made this pop up card today. My first try at one. Not really impressive

but I have a plan for next time.

Also scrapped the water baby layout last night. How cool are the 7 gypsies glitter sheets. They are so easy and go on so nice. It's a really nice subtle glitter. Love it. Definately want more of that!! I can tell mine isn't going to last long!!

I had to move my desk around again. My compuet keeps shutting dow (i think it is overheating) so I have put it on the side part of my table in front of the fan. So far I've had no problems. Touch wood!!

Still got a cough. But haven't had bad cravings today. Going well. Bit of a headache. And feeling really exhausted. Can't wait to get better and get started on losing weight. I have 25kgs to lose. And I reckon that's going to take a while!!

Kids go back to school next week. I think Michael goes back on Monday and Caitlin goes back on Tuesday. I'm going to miss them being around!!

See you tomorrow -

K xxx


  1. oh i do love that LO looks very summery.
    so glad that you are feeling much's hoping you are coming out the otherside of the cravings and the feeling "BLAH"


  2. Cute card and I love your layout. Good luck with not smoking.


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