Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Today I started my diet.
The no wheat, no dairy, no red meat diet.
This diet is not about calorie consumption - it's about creating a balance in your body, free from particular chemicals and such that cause an imbalance. And for me, that just happens to be dairy, meat and wheat - and alot of other stuff.
I know it sounds a bit weird but I did this a few years ago when I was constantly ill and in pain. It worked. A wonderful side effect was that I dropped all my excess weight.
What happened - I hear you say?
Well, I started eating things here and there that I shouldn't so I piled all the kilos back on.
But as of today - NO MORE.
I am 20+ kilos overweight. I don't care how long it takes. I just plan to be my healthy weight by the time my 30th birthday rolls around.

Other news - I went to see the doctor about my hand. He believes I have carpal tunnel syndrome. NICE. So in two weeks I have a date with a neurologist to find out for sure. Then after that I don't know exactly. Operation perhaps. I don't care - I just want it fixed. It hurts!!

And the final piece of news - back smoking again. Can you believe it? After a whole month!!
Yes I am really disappointed in myself. But I will try again when I am ready. I am really trying to limit them for now.

Haven't scrapped in a while. It's my right hand that hurts - so it makes it a bit hard.
But I have ordered a whole heap of yumminess with the money from next month (that I haven't been paid yet) Back to old habits - OOPS!!

What a downer of a post. That's just me at the moment!!

K xxx

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  1. smoking again...??? dear oh dear darls....what am i going to do with you...??? oh well...i am sure you know what you are doing.
    i have had carpel tunnel releases done in both my wrists - my right wrist done twice and they both need releasing again. the ops were no big deal but it is the recovery that is a b*tch. i had the ops done months apart too which helped me cope.
    hope you are feeling beter within yourself today. might be up your way in a few weeks so if i can, i would love to catch up. i'll let you know.
    take care darls xxoo


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