Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Another layout

I did it last night. I used an older kit from Studio Calico called "Hand picked". Trying to use up my older stuff. Gotta make way for the new.
I read a book yesterday called The Pact by Jodie Picoult. So sad. In every single one of her books that I have read - which has been 3 - I have cried. They really tug at my heart strings. They are really well written and I always fall in love with her characters. But just so sad.
Not much else to report. Still crook. And still trying to catch up on housework. (that's like fighting a never ending battle)
Off to do the washing. -
K xxx


  1. Love all your LO's! I need to start weeding through a few more of my kits, they are starting to pile up too! :-)

  2. Great LO--that photograph is really precious! LOVE Jodie Picoult!!

  3. Wonderful LO! I hear you about the never ending battle! I gave up on being caught up, lol!

  4. Hi, found you at SIStv....
    Love your layout!!!

    And don't forget, your not alone in your battle against housework!
    I'm fighting with you (only on different ground, but I feel your pain)


  5. great layout..Isn't great to use up your kits? I am working on SC July right now and vowed not to touch Aug. until it's down to the bare bones..

  6. I'm fighting the same battel girl!!
    Love your layout!! Way to use up the SC!!!

  7. Love your layout...reminds me that I should use that kit ;)

  8. Cool layout, Kelly!
    I think I have that book, I'm going to have to give it a try again!

  9. i hear ya! housework is never ending...i kind of put it all aside for the summer. i'm so behind on everything. school starts next week so i will attempt to catch up next then. not even gonna bother til then!

  10. Love studio Calico and I love what you did with the kit. I'm also allowing myself to read for fun every now and again. I've never read Jodie Picoult but I'll have to give her a looksie.

    Trying to catch up with housework is not only a never ending battle but a losing one. So relax and do a little{or in my case, very little} at a time.


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