Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Not so good

On the verge of tears.
Been sick for so long.
Have no energy to even go to the doctors.
Have been awake since 4:30am this morning.
Today feels like I am at the sickest point.
Nearly six weeks of the flu so far - and I am absolutely miserable.
Just want to go to bed. Sleep. And wake up well again.

And to top it off, I know my Studio Calico kits are at the post office...and I am not even well enough to go and pick them up.
Kids are at home today as it's a pupil free day from school.
They have been amazing. Really helping me out.
Love them to bits!

Still want to cry though (that's a sign that I am really crook!)

Hope you are having a better day than me :o(

K xxx


  1. I'm sorry you are sick. Hope you will feel much better soon!!!

  2. Umm totally you need to really take it sorry you are Ill . girl I will pray for you .. please take care of yourself ..

  3. Awww sweetie, sending lots of get well hugs your way!!!



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