Monday, 18 August 2008

A layout..

for the album. Just a quickie. But then that is what all my pages are.

Anyway I was sorting out my daughters album last night and realised that I hadn't done a page for her party - so I printed out a pic & made one. I then printed out the rest of the photos from her day and slotted them in, next to it. I have Scrapworks albums - where you can get 12X12 refills that house 4X6 photos. I love them.

So I usually scrap my favourite pics and then pop the rest in the photo pages.

Going to try and get the albums and photos sorted this week.

Only problem is...I'd probably need 10 more albums ;o)

K xxx


  1. love your idea here about the layout and then the remaining pics you didn't scrap. it would certainly help me with my back-log of photos!

  2. Those albums are awesome!!
    Love your layout!!!

  3. I hear you, albums can break the bank. I need at least 4 more right now.


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