Thursday, 21 August 2008

Just too cute..

I quickly made a card with my leftovers. It's for Caitlins teacher. It's her birthday tomorrow.

Also, I forgot to show you my new craft knife...not that I need a new one....but this was just too cute to say no.

(this is also the reason why I am not allowed in pet shops on my own!!)

I also found these pics I drew ages ago. They were starting to deteriorate - so I thought I'd scan them into the computer. I used to draw all the time. Then I had kids and I stopped.

These are pics that I have copied from tattoo magazines and books.

Anyway - hope you have a happy Thursday ;o)

K xxx


  1. Your sketches ar fantastic! It's been so long since I sat down and drew. Do you still sketch?

  2. ooooh that craft knife is tooo cute!

  3. Love the craft knife, reminds me that I need to get a new one now that my old standby is actually getting rusty (yea, not good for the whole archival quality).

  4. are those little jars under your new knife paint? Love the pretty colors!!

  5. Great card! I lol'd about the pet store reference :) Very cool drawings, TFS!

  6. I really like the flowers to a dragon. Very nice. I need to find a day of the dead skull. You know those little sugar skulls? Love them, always so colorful!

    - Marjorie

  7. LOVE that craft knife! You are a very talented artist. You should consider drawing again.


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